Looking for a way to celebrate A-level results day?

Festivals are a British obsession: every summer, millions of people head to fields, beaches and parks all over the UK to sing along to their favourite bands and dance the night away. Now, imagine being the guy or girl whose job it is to organise all the amazing sights and sounds at these summertime parties — sounds like a cool job, right?

With A-level results day only a matter of days away, there's plenty to celebrate (or commiserate), there's no better time to organise your own micro-festival for you and your friends? Well, ready your wellies and don your wayfarers as we give you some great ideas for hosting your own mini-Glastonbury to mark the end of an era.

Sort out the music

Everyone has a friend who's in a band or knows someone who fancies themselves as a bit of a DJ, so keep your ear to the ground and get some local talent to play at your event. Failing that, make sure you have a good speaker that you can play some tunes on — TechAdvisor has a list of budget sound systems you can buy for £26 to £100 that are well worth a look. This way, you'll definitely have a back-up if the band turns out to be a bit rubbish.

Host a battle of the burgers contest

Gourmet food is a big part of festival culture these days, so why not turn this into a bit of friendly competition with a battle of the burgers contest? Get your friends to come up with their own secret recipes, then organise a cook-off and tasting contest to decide on the winner. Buying a good-quality portable barbecue like this funky 'Smokey Joe' Weber model from Wyevale Garden Centres is a great investment for your festival and beyond, especially when you're living the student lifestyle and planning any road trips or days out.

Set up a tent for power naps

No festival is complete without at least one tent, (we found this one for £18 in Millets) so why not set up one or two in your garden to give people a place to take a power nap as the day wears on. You could even get your friends to bring their own if you want to have a sleep-out after the party winds down.

Plan the clean-up ahead of time

After any festival, a huge clean-up operation is needed to leave things how they were beforehand — your mini-event should be no different. Make it clear that people will have to pitch in ahead of the day, so no-one is under any illusions. You can even use an app like Todoist to allocate tasks to friends before and after your festival. Plus, having a clean-up plan is sure to get the parents on board with the idea too.

Don't trust the British weather

Whatever you do, don't place your faith in the Great British weather. Instead, plan some back-up indoor activities like games and quizzes, and buy some food you can prepare in the kitchen. You may not have heard, but playing nerdy board games is now the cool thing to do on rainy days — check out GamesRadar's list of the best in 2017 to find one that you and your friends will want to play. You may want to do this anyway, just to add some variety to the day.

There you are, five great ideas onboard and you'll have everything you need to start planning your A-level results party in style. Get your friends involved and you're bound to have a great time. Good luck!

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