Bored? Summer holiday getting you down?

Long summer holidays are great until it gets to the end of August and you’re sat in your room with your mates scrolling through the same twitter feed, or playing the same computer games while your mum's downstairs hogging the TV, catching up on MasterChef.

Sound familiar? Yeah, we’ve been there.

Good dares are just the thing to keep boredom at bay. There’s nothing funnier than sending your friends on a silly assignment for the sole purpose of entertainment.

So, if you're out of fresh ideas, we've come up with five ideas to keep summer alive! 

1. Post a Snapchat story - with your feet.

Loads of people are active on Snapchat, you just got 50 views on that story of your Frappuccino in 10 minutes. This is the prime time to take action. Dare one of your mates to open Snapchat, scroll across to the beloved dog filter, take a snap and write a caption - all with their feet.

Get them to write something simple, like “Just had the best KFC”… or perhaps “Anyone want go out with me?”- you know, just something simple and totally normal.

There is no way this status is coming out right! Then, watch as their friends respond to the post in utter confusion; you could even dare your friend to respond with their feet, too. Gross, but funny.

2. '80s Makeover

'80s fashion – what a cringe worthy era! Acid-brights makeup is a must, and an overwhelmingly ‘moohasive’ hairstyle is a given.

Here's the thing, the lucky participant doesn't glam themselves up - you do! And, your victim err… friend, isn't allowed to look until you've completed the look.

Bonus points if they do a solo a-cappella version of their favorite '80s banger.

3. Make a cheese and pickle sandwich live just like a pro chef. 

Yes! Your friend has to pretend to be on a cooking show while making the oh-so-difficult cheese and pickle sandwich - while being filmed for YouTube. He or she has to make small talk while making said sandwich and walk the audience through every single step of the sandwich-making process so everyone fully understands the recipe; just like Jamie Oliver. 

Make your friend recommend a beverage that pairs best with the cheesy delight, throw in a sponsor for a shout out, or create a custom (and unique) side dish on the spot.

This one has the potential to go viral – epic!

4. Start a game of tag with a stranger

On the playground, a game of tag can start without any questions asked. All the kids were in! But when you are a big bad teen, it's a little less socially acceptable… apparently. 

This is a quick dare that generates a ton of laughter. All you have to do is run up to some unsuspecting person, tag them, and scream, "You're it!" Then take off running. The person you tag will be so flabbergasted by the situation that s/he'll 'freeze' in shock.

Bonus points if the person actually jumps in willing to play!

5. Rap Battle

You've seen how rap battles start- this one’s for you Chris and Kem. Now it's the ‘dared’ one's turn. First and foremost, you need a professional beatbox to get everyone into the vibe - or your mate will probably do. Then it begins. Throw in some "YEAHs” or "#murkys” to enhance the experience. (Might want to add that in the rules).

Not into the rap game? Take some inspo from Pitch Perfect and split into groups to start. They’ll be begging for mercy by the time you’re finished.

Whenever you and your friends are in a silly mood wondering what to do, these dares will get the job done. It's an easy way to keep your group of mates entertained and the bonus is, no one (except maybe a little pride) will get hurt.  

Now go forth, and become The Dare Master!

Emily Baulf