How to dress like Conor McGregor on the cheap

There are many remarkable things about Conor McGregor’s rapid ascent to the top of the sporting agenda, and one of them surely has to be the swagger with which he’s done it.

The Notorious burst on to the UFC scene talking tough and with a record for delivering on that talk in the smaller promotions.

As his reputation grew so did his tastes. Tattoos soon covered his torso and by 2016 the Irishman admitted to regularly spending almost $30,000 on clothes at a time. His Instagram has become just as entertaining as his fights.

Luckily you don’t need to be on McGregor’s wage to dress like him, with plenty of the prints he’s become associated with available at a lower price…

The 29-year-old has been spotted in his fair share of floral, and is especially fond of patterned trousers

August x McGregor

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So it’s not hard to imagine McGregor stepping out in these.

Floral trousers from Zara
Floral and bird print trousers, £49 (Zara)

The tapered, skinny fit is one he favours while the trousers offer a clean look.

But if £50 is a bit much there are other options out there, like this darker pair from Asos.

Floral trousers on Asos
Mosaic floral print trousers, £35 (Asos)

And if those aren’t jazzy enough why not try them in white?

With so much going on below, a plain T-shirt will do fine, and McGregor would usually go for a polo on occasions such as these

August x McGregor and Beats by Dre! A match made in style heaven! @augustxmcgregor @beatsbydre

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This plain burgundy polo comes with another beige one for £20.

A burgundy polo from Asos
Longline muscle jersey polo, two pack, £20.50 (Asos)

But it’s not just floral trousers McGregor is interested in – he’s been known to fancy a flashy shirt too

Wouldn't be like me

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Zara offers something strikingly similar at a fraction of the cost.

A floral shirt from Zara
Red viscose bowling shirt with floral print, £25.99 (Zara)

Bowling shirt from Zara
Printed bowling shirt, £25.99 (Zara)

For those times when bidniss is happening, a satin shirt with some well-tailored trousers is what’s required

Fight business.

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Obviously this one needs to be tucked in, allowing full muscle exposure.

A Zara shirt
Slim fit shirt, £25.99 (Zara)

And paired with these.

Trousers from Zara
Slim fit trousers with a textured weave, £29.99 (Zara)

Mmm yes, bidniss.

So far so bright, but McGregor can do subtle too – in his own way.

The Notorious One attended the first press conference ahead of the Floyd Mayweather fight wearing a custom suit with a pinstripe print that read “fuck you”.

The suit says fuck you

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And while McGregor’s go-to tailor David August produced a limited amount of the suits for his made-to-measure collection, getting your hands on one could be tough.

This might be the next best thing, though.

A skull print suit by Zara
Skull print jacquard suit, blazer £99.99, trousers £49 (Zara)

At first inspection it’s just a suit – a very nice suit, but just a suit.

But when you zoom in, the details are revealed.

Close up of the skull suit by Zara

Those are skulls, thousands of tiny skulls.

But, if that’s not brash enough, have this

A checked suit from Zara
Checked tartan suit, blazer £79.99, trousers £39.99, waistcoat £49.99 (Zara)

And don’t worry, it comes with a waistcoat.

It’s not all suits, shirts and trousers for McGregor though. He is an athlete, after all, and loungewear is something he enjoys on occasions.

If it’s shorts you’re after, you’ll need some that will adequately show off your thighs – in true McGregor style.

You could do worse than these.

swimming trunks from zara
Leopard print swimming trunks, £19.99 (Zara)

Sure, they’re meant for swimming, but that doesn’t mean you couldn’t wear them at an impromptu open workout you throw for your family.

And for those final touches, what is McGregor rarely seen without?

Big poke

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Those shades probably cost a bit, but for a tenner you can rock something similar.

Aviator sunglasses in gold metal with pink lens, £10.00 (Asos)
Aviator sunglasses in gold metal with pink lens, £10 (Asos)

At this point your McGregor transformation is pretty much complete, but one thing is missing. Fear not, the velvet is here.

A velvet t-shirt from Asos
Oversized velvet tee, £18 (Asos)

All that’s left now is to master the pose…

I am a filthy Irish animal.

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The final rev of the engine on the @conormcgregorfast conditioning program tonight! What a camp it has been!

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Sparring today

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