Jeremy Clarkson repeats his annual A-level results message to calm disappointed students

Jeremy Clarkson has offered a glimmer of hope to A-level students who have fallen short on their grades.

The former BBC Top Gear presenter, who now fronts The Grand Tour, said on social media that he received a C and two Us in his exams and is still successful.

It is not the first time the motoring journalist has offered such advice to struggling students.

He has tweeted a string of similar messages since 2014, each time following up his low grades with a glimpse into his life.

They included that he owned a Mercedes-Benz in 2014, was spending time at a villa in St Tropez in 2015 and enjoying a superyacht in 2016.

This year’s offering – that his “chef is preparing truffles for breakfast” – seems a little more tongue in cheek.

It had racked up thousands of likes and retweets on Twitter.

6th FormMatt Sparkes