These 'ridiculous' excuses from late students ended up being true

Teachers have taken to Reddit to share ridiculous excuses students had for being late or absent that were actually true.

Whether it’s for school, work or a date, it can be easy to panic over what reason to give for not being on time somewhere – and maybe end up telling a little white lie.

But from missing clothing to assisting with births, here are some examples of students who didn’t make their crazy excuses up.

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“‘I was running from the police.’ Mind you, this wouldn’t be a surprising reason to be absent, they were just late….the police showed up 20 minutes later quite surprised that their suspect was actually at school.”

– Historytech

“It was my very first day as a teacher. I had a student come in saying ‘Sorry, I was helping a cow give birth’. I didn’t believe him until he showed me the photos.”

– ladymchumperdink

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“I had a student tell me the police took his trumpet away. I didn’t buy it.

“Talked to his classroom teacher later, turns out it was in the boot of his mum’s car when dad stole it and ran from the police while high. When he crashed, the police impounded the car and his trumpet.

“So yes, the police took the child's trumpet.”

– Beeb294

“‘Sorry I’m late, I just had a baby,’ – Year 3 student.
EFL (English as a Foreign Language) class, translation error, mum just gave birth to baby brother and it was true.”

– uReallyShouldTrustMe

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“‘I was at school on time, but I was in the office cause I forgot my shoes.’

“He really had been waiting in the office for his mum to bring shoes.”

– BowmanTheShowman

“Had a habitually tardy student come in late after saying he was pinned under a tree. Found out later he was ditching the class before mine in the wooded area behind the school. He climbed a tree and fell taking a huge branch with him. The branch pinned him at the trunk of the tree. Security found him screaming his head off.”

– patter0607

shower head
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“One of my most faithful, most dedicated keyboard students didn’t show up for his lesson. It was unprecedented.

“He told me later (obviously embarrassed) that he had ‘fallen asleep while sitting on the floor of the shower, just letting the water cascade over him.’

“His father later verified the story.”

– Back2Bach

“My partner was a teacher and, this was pre mobile phone, had a student come in about 15 minutes late.

“Her excuse was that there was a house in the middle of the road and traffic was backed up trying to get around it.

“My partner didn’t believe her at first but it turned out to be true. One of those giant trucks they can jack up an entire house onto had skidded and lost its load. There were pictures in the paper the next day.”

– sotonohito

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“‘I missed the bus and walked to school.’ I wondered why he was two hours late. Then I checked his address, saw that he was an out-of-area transfer and lived six miles from school. Slow clap.”

– HuellMissMe

“Back when I was a TA I had a student email me her final assignment a few days late and her excuse was that the police searched her house and confiscated her laptop that had her assignment on it.

“I didn’t believe her at first since she had handed in other assignments late, but nope, it was for real, I saw a copy of the search warrant.”

– alittleredpanda

Yeah…probably wouldn’t try using any of these as an excuse yourself anytime soon. See the full Reddit thread here.

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