13 fortune cookies that aren’t helpful at all

Fortune cookies are arguably the most exciting part of a Chinese meal – they bring sweet relief with an added bonus of predicting your future.

They are notorious for being somewhat vague and imprecise, but there are times when even the fortune cookies go too far. Here are some of the biggest fortune cookie fails people have had the misfortune to crack open.

Because not all prophecies necessarily come true.

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1. This one can’t be bothered with a fortune.

2. Whereas this one provides absolutely no help at all.

3. Then there are the ones that are just so delightfully vague.

4. This one is either ominous or just plain rude.

5. Some fortune cookies foray into politics, but this one won’t make you feel any better.

6. Some are just a bit strange.

Ummm Can I send this one back PLEASE 😒🤔 #LMAO #nothankyou #fortunecookie

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7. Um…sure.

If you say so… #fortunecookie #youbetterberight #pandaexpress

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8. Some fortune cookies might be well-intentioned, but are incredibly awkwardly timed.

9. And others seem like they’re trying to make you feel bad.

10. This one probably can’t be counted as a fortune at all.

11. This one is uncomfortably specific.

12. Surely this has got to be a typo?

13. Well, at least all of the above are a bit better than getting no fortune at all.

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