Five mobile apps to download before you go travelling

Get the lingo

Babbel ( is perfect if you want to pick up a bit of local lingo before you set off on your travels. Available in 14 languages, from Spanish to Indonesian, the app will get you talking no matter your level – beginner, moderate or advanced. Not only can you practice your language skills and work on your accent from the first lesson, but the content you learn can easily be applied to real life situations, leaving you feeling at home in cities across the world. Available on iOS and Android.

Plug into a podcast for on-the-go entertainment

Acast ( whether you are road-tripping, relaxing on a long-haul flight or hiking in the wilderness, you will inevitably need entertainment, which is where podcast and audio platform Acast comes in. With a huge selection of podcasts on every topic, from travel, to comedy and current affairs, you are guaranteed to find something that will keep you entertained as you travel from A to B. Acast also recommends shows tailored to your taste, lets you download podcasts for offline listening, and shares exciting ‘rich media’ from the hosts, to make your listening more fun and interactive. Available on iOS and Android.

Eat like a local

Foursquare ( is an app you need to download whenever you travel to a new city. The fantastic tips from the locals will make sure that you don’t get stuck in the typical tourist traps, instead exploring all the hidden secrets the city has to offer. The app shows you the best of the local food, drinks and attractions, meaning that you will experience the true spirit of each place you travel to. Available on iOS and Android.

Remember your trip

LiveTrekker ( is the app if you want to document your travels in a digital travel diary. LiveTrekker maps you wherever you go, creating a map of the routes you take and the places you walk by. As you create the map, you can add audio, video and text, bringing your travels to life and allowing you to look back and reminisce on your travels whenever you want. It is also great for active travellers, as it monitors your speed and altitude, as well as the route. Available on iOS and Android.

Protect your electricals

Trov ( Before heading off on your travels, it can be a good idea to get your belongings insured. An app that allows you to quickly insure common electronic items is Trov, which offers protection for items such as laptops, mobile phones, and cameras, allowing users to turn insurance on and off with a simple swipe within the app. Available on iOS and Android.

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