These stories of job interview fails will seriously make you cringe

There’s no doubt that interviews are stressful places, and sometimes the tension of it all can make you do crazy things.

However, you’ll probably feel a bit better about your small blunders after you read these stories.

People have taken to Reddit to divulge the worst ways a candidate has messed up a job interview. Meet the people who definitely did not get the job.

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This confident chap.

“I had an interviewee show up 10 minutes late to an interview, tell us our clock was wrong and proceed to take it off the wall and adjust it. After he left of course we adjusted it back to the actual time.” – eggplantsrin

This bad liar.

“A colleague of mine called this guy in for an interview. He didn’t show, and about two hours after he was due in he called and said he’d been hit by a car. Colleague decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and they arranged another day.

“The day arrives and he didn’t turn up again. We got a call from him a while later saying he’d broken his tooth on an almond and couldn’t come as he’d had to rush to a dentist.

“My incredibly trusting colleague decided to try one more time another day. The guy turned up drunk.” – strawberrypops

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This guy who probably shouldn’t have applied to work at a small animal veterinary hospital.

“He came in and said: ‘My religion doesn’t allow me to physically come in contact with dogs. Hire me.’ ” – CrazyDogLady123

This lady unfortunately hadn’t got a good night’s sleep before her interview.

“Our front desk rep let her into the meeting room and advised her that we would be there in just a minute. Another manager and I walked in not even five minutes later and she was asleep with her head on the desk. We just let her go, and she woke up about 40 minutes later, gathered her things and left according to the front desk.

“She then contacted us about a week later saying that she was sorry for missing the interview, and that she had a family emergency that prevented her from showing up.” – MangeStrusic

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This woman who probably shouldn’t have shared so much in the first interview.

“Before sitting down across from me in my office, to conduct the interview, this woman sticks her leg out in my direction and points to a scab on her leg. It is CLEARLY infected and had been picked at. She then proceeded to ask me of my opinion about if it is indeed infected and if she should see a doctor.” – polkadottoast

This guy really took “honesty is the best policy” to a whole new level.

“One candidate when asked why he wanted to work for our firm answered that he was rejected by our three rival firms already and that ours was his last chance at working at a firm that would make his ex-girlfriend jealous and ‘come crawling back to him’.” – bwheelerbrooklyn

And this one really needs to work on his spelling.

“When I was a teenager I worked at a chain pizza restaurant. A guy came in for interview and seemed nice. He turned around to leave and he had a tattoo of a pot leaf with the word “canabus” on his head. That’s right. Not cannabis. Canabus.” – ablino_rhino

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This person probably didn’t realise an interview isn’t the best place to pick up.

“I was sitting in on an interview with one of the supervisors in our company, who happens to be quite fit. He asked: ‘Do you have any questions for us?’

“The interviewee replied: ‘Yeah man, what did you do to make your pecs and arms so big? Like what’s your workout?’ And proceeded to hit on my supervisor for a couple minutes.” – WWJLPD

This interviewee didn’t even really seem to want the job.

“She picked up a call in the middle of the interview. I thought she was just stepping out to take the call. She never came back in. The front desk said she left to hang out with her friends.” – insomniaceve

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And this guy just got it so wrong.

“As one of our mangers was beginning the interview, she said: ‘Let’s get started, then.’ As a joke, the guy responded with: ‘Well, alright!’ and unzipped his pants. He seemed not to understand when he was escorted from the building”. – mellojello11

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