Reebok is schooling Trump on what not to say to a woman

Reebok has stepped in to help Donald Trump out.

The sportswear company Twitter-trolled the US president with a guide to help him discern the appropriate time to tell a woman: “You’re in such good shape… beautiful.”

The answer was at no time, except if you have just found “a forgotten action figure from your youth, unscathed after decades, in your parents’ basement”.

The post was widely praised.

This comes as the US president’s first state visit to France saw him greet the first lady, Brigitte Macron, with those very words.

As he went to shake her hand after a dinner on Thursday, ahead of the Bastille Day celebrations in Paris, he condescendingly said: “You know, you’re in such good shape,” before he turned to the French president and said “beautiful”.

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