A work experience student took over Southern Rail’s Twitter and the results were first class

As far as work experience placements go, this guy at Southern Rail conducted himself pretty well.

The beleaguered train company handed its social media reins to someone named Eddie, who claimed he was on work experience for two weeks.

After posting his first tweet on Tuesday afternoon, he gained a good few fans.

He started by introducing himself, and fearlessly added that he was keen to answer any queries.

And that’s when Eddie turned into the oracle, as the questions rapidly veered off-track.

From dinner recommendations to the workie’s favourite video games, Southern followers were keen to learn all about the person at the controls.

He’s coming for your job, Gary Lineker.

Jules is asking for the nation, Eddie. No pressure.

Dedicated as ever, Eddie provided a two-part answer.

Eddie is not too proud to give credit where it’s due.

Chef Eddie at your service.

Bad news, Max. The “serious” train left the platform a long while ago…

That AGE-OLD question (to which there is only one correct answer)…

…And, of course, Eddie hit the nail on the head.

Eddie said he had enjoyed his stint so much, he was eager to come back over the summer.

“I’ve been working here for one and a half weeks and leave at the end of this week. To show you how much I am enjoying it, I have already inquired about possibly working throughout the summer holidays.

“It has been such an amazing experience, and would love to work here in the future.”

Somehow, we reckon he would be a shoo-in for whichever position he applies for.

He didn’t even shy away from questions about long-fought company disputes. That’s CEO material right there, surely…

Here he is, proving that there are many strings to his bow. What a brave man.

What we’re all dying to know – how did Eddie become Eddie?

Our man is going to go far.

We wouldn’t expect any less from you, Eddie.

A spokesman for Southern Rail confirmed Eddie’s run on the company’s Twitter was part of a “structured work experience programme,” but did not say whose idea it was to send out the introductory tweet.

He said: “We are pleased to have given Eddie an insight into working life in our social media team and are thrilled to see that he has won over so many of our customers this afternoon. We hope to have him back soon.”

John Brown let the young man know what we were all thinking.

But Twitter user Rik G took pity on the lad.

No need for apologies – Eddie fared just fine.

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