Two baseball players unintentionally paid tribute to one of the Lion King’s best songs

A baseball game between the United States and the rest of the world has thrown up an almost perfect Disney tribute.

When the World team’s Ronald Acuna and Yoan Moncada stood next to each other in the MLB Futures Game, it allowed people to have a lot of fun.


Moncado currently plays for the Chicago White Sox, while Acuna is at the Atlanta Braves.

However, people think that given the information that has come to light that really needs to change.

In the end there was a need to worry for the World team, and Moncada in particular, as he lost a battle with White Sox teammate Michael Kopech and was struck out on four pitches.

The US finished the day with a 7-6 victory over the World, their 12th win in the 19 matches played since the event started in 1999.

But the World will always have Acuna Moncada.

Life, SportWeb editor