Chloe Beevers, a real-life apprentice

Deciding what to do after school or college can be confusing, there are a lot of options. One of those options is an apprenticeship, but what do you need to do to get one, and what do you get from doing one?

We caught up with Chloe Beevers 18 to find out more. Chloe went to Horbury Academy in Wakefield and is doing an apprenticeship in digital marketing at Kit Out My Office. We asked her six searching questions to see what she had to say about her experience as an apprentice so far… 


1.    Why did you choose an apprenticeship?
We it’s a practical route to get more qualifications and work experience. One of the main reasons I chose an apprenticeship was to boost my career prospects. I have had some useful experience now and developed skills that employers really want, I think that’s an advantage over college or university - most employers are looking for new staff with experience. 

2.    How much help do you get (at work and college)? 
I get training for all the tasks I do and if I ever need help, I have a supportive group of people around me that I can speak to. I have an assessor that helps me in both the training centre (QA Apprenticeships in Leeds) and the workplace if I have any issues or queries. I get help and support off my manager and colleagues at work,  they always offer guidance so I’m constantly learning!

3.    Is it what you expected?
Yes!  Before I started I was expecting to learn lots of new things, get work experience and develop skills that will be valuable in the so, yes - this apprenticeship definitely meets my expectations.   

4.    What do you actually do? 
•    I write weekly blog posts for the company’s site and keeping an active profile on all our social media accounts
•    I add new products to the website and update existing product pages with content
•    I communicate with customers before and aftersales to solve any issues or answer any questions they may have
•    I post regularly on our social media accounts and come up with new ideas to increase the brand’s presence  
•    I send out fortnightly email marketing campaigns to increase brand awareness and advertise new products or offers we have on the website
•    I use analytics and data to track our progress. I check the data from our email marketing campaigns to see how successful they were and I also do a weekly report on our social media accounts to see how much progress we are making. 

5.    What have you found challenging so far?
The only difficulty I had was adjusting to having a full-time job because it’s big step up from sitting in a classroom learning, but once you get into a routine and used to the environment you soon start to enjoy it. 

6.    Can you see yourself staying with your current employer? 
I finish my apprenticeship in August but, I’ve settled in well and really feel part of the team; I could see myself staying here. I now have my own tasks that I get on independently to help the business grow. 

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