That awkward moment when airport security finds a giant lobster in someone’s luggage

Security services at Boston’s Logan International airport are trained to spot contraband in passenger luggage – everything from sharp objects to drugs – which is probably why the discovery of a 9kg live lobster came as a bit of a surprise.

Michael McCarthy, a spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration, says the lobster found on Sunday in a passenger’s checked luggage is the largest he’s ever seen. Judging from the picture, this statement probably shocks no one.


Oddly enough, a whopping great big lobster like this one is actually allowed to be taken on planes – good to know next time you want to carry a huge crustacean of your own across the world.

The TSA website says a live lobster is allowed through security but must be transported in a “clear, plastic, spill-proof container”.

However, the problem with this particular lobster was that it was snug in a cooler bag instead of a clear, plastic container. Luckily, McCarthy says it “cooperated quite nicely with the screening process”.

McCarthy posted the picture of his new buddy the lobster on Twitter, and people have a lot of questions and thoughts about it.

And then things got dark.

But don’t worry, because these darker comments were qualified by some terrible jokes.

No word yet as to the lobster’s final destination.

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