Success is where you find it

If school isn't working for you it doesn’t mean you can't make a success of your life – as personal trainer Chris Simon says: "I never dreamt I would enjoy working but I am happy in a profession that fits my personality. "

School wasn't easy for Chris. "My favourite lesson was PE.  I couldn't wait to leave the classroom and actually do well in a subject. I always had a lot of energy and teachers would regularly send me out of class while parents would tell me to 'stop fidgeting'.

"It's safe to say I am someone who prefers to be physically stimulated," he recalls. "I would run, jump and skip for England."

Coming out of school he did well in more practical subjects. "I didn't do so well in subjects which involved me concentrating on the teacher."

He felt, he says like his energy had been misplaced. Unsure what to do he ended up looking for jobs in sports' careers but they required further education. "I just didn't feel right in a classroom but I didn't feel right sitting at home either," he admits.

Luckily, as he discovered, there are many opportunities in the working world.

"You just have to stay patient," he counsels.

"I saw a small company selling personal trainer courses. I was one of their first students and they really put a lot of faith in me. I had been to a gym before but I soon found out my technique wasn't correct, neither was my understanding of nutrition and the human body."

Happily for Chris the course minimised his time in the classroom. "I was often in the gym doing practical assessments and shadowing an-already qualified personal trainer.

"Two years on and I have two more certificates. I am always on the move and staying active."

And he's changed his view of what's needed to be a success. "I thought I either had to be a genius with an A* or I wouldn't be anything at all. But there are more opportunities which open even more doors. I have even developed my own personal trainer website and set up my own charity fun run. I never dreamt I would enjoy working but I am happy in a profession that fits my personality. "

And he has this advice for anyone wanting to follow his route to success. "If you want to enter the personal trainer industry, you have to find a company which understands what you want to do. Figure out what you enjoy and talk with an advisor about what the most appropriate course of action is. Be wise to some companies who will intentionally add uneccessary courses."

Chris is a personal trainer with Origym

Careers, HealthWeb editor