10 ways to save money this summer

The sun is out and the football season is over – it can only mean one thing…summer!

We caught up with Alex Gnyla, a former University of Leeds student who knows a thing or two about saving dosh (he's the founder and CEO of Redbrick Bills)  to get his top ten tips on how to save money this summer, so you can have the best time while saving your pennies for next term!


Get out and about!
During the summer period, the price of fuel tends to rise more as demand increases, with people looking to travel away from home. It may be worthwhile for people to look at alternative travel options such as public transport or cycling.

Vouch for it!
Websites such as Groupon can offer upwards of 50% at certain restaurants and are worth keeping an eye on during the summer. Membership cards are also an excellent way to save on eating out. TasteCard membership cards, for example, cost £69.95 a year and can save users up to £30 each time they use it at registered venues.

Bye-bye big bill BBQs!
One way to save on barbeques this summer is to sign up for free food sale alerts at Love Money. The service allows users to be sent regular updates on food that is being reduced or discounted at the UK’s biggest supermarkets. Alternatively, downloading barcode scanning apps, such as Shop Savvy can allow you to check the price of an item you find and show you where it can be found cheaper.

Hot, cold and everything in between!
Summer periods can see households have an increase in energy usage to compensate for the hot weather. Bill management companies such as RedBrick Bills offer customers the ability to pay a fixed monthly average over each month, meaning no hiked up bills during summer months. 

Don’t bottle It
While it may differ around the UK, there is a common misconception that drinking tap water can be more dangerous for you than sticking to a safe option of bottled brand. With the summer months being accompanied by scorching weather, it is essential to stay hydrated daily. Instead of spending £2 here and there on a bottle of Evian, Vittel, Buxton or Volvic, try filling up your own bottle of tap water. Remember, regulators are always making sure to test for bacteria, so you’re in safe hands.

Make your own ice lollies
It’s a summer staple to dilly-dally between whether you want a red Twister or a lime Calippo. How about neither?! With summer bringing such fresh, tasty fruits to your local supermarkets, you can create your own flavours for half the price, whilst also contributing to your five-a-day! Just crush all your chosen fruits together, pour a bit of water in them and watch after a couple of frozen hours later how they mould.

Over land and seas
We all want a big, pricey trip to Spain, but sometimes our budget just won’t let us get out of the country. But you don’t need to do anything fancy to have a great time with your friends this summer. Make sure to check out any bargain trains to the coast of England. A day trip to Bournemouth, Brighton or Bridlington (other seaside towns are available!) could provide just the right amount of space for you to feel relaxed and refreshed, without the hassle of airports and money woes.

Meercat Movies
OK, so it’s not everyone’s ideal choice of summer activity, but when the rainy days strike, the movies can be a quick-fix to your upside-down smile. By signing up to Compare the Meerkat, you can receive 2 for 1 cinema tickets every Tuesday and Wednesday, all year-round! Grab a person of your choice and enjoy the show.

Substitute bargain snacks
We all love our Doritos, our Coca-Cola and McVities, but there is always a chance of reducing our spending on our beloved snacks. Try buying a substitute to your favourite products via supermarkets' ‘own brand’. 

Buy your stationery now
The prospect of going back to school, college or university as soon as you’ve broken up for a few weeks isn’t likely to excite you. However the shops will not be looking to make their supplies expensive during this time. Therefore it is the perfect opportunity to stock up on your pencils, pens, rulers and notebooks before the mad August rush begins.

LifeWeb editor