Fancy a job in TV?

There are thousands of different roles behind the scenes in the UK television industry, but where do you even start when trying to break into this incredibly competitive industry? Most people in TV get their start as a runner – that’s helping out with anything and everything on set, including making tea. It’s not always glamorous but it’s vital to making a TV show, and you can quickly make progress if you work hard and show you have passion.

Below is a snapshot of just five roles within the TV Industry you could choose from (there are many more):

·       Camera Operator – travelling the world filming wildlife for Planet Earth

·       Broadcast Journalist - tracking down the latest stories for ITV News

·       Costume Designer - designing royal costumes for Game of Thrones

·       Casting Producer - matchmaking couples for First Dates

·       Commissioner - hearing show pitches from production companies and choosing what gets onto screens

However, it can be hard to get your first job without any connections. Luckily, there are plenty of schemes out there to help talented people get into the industry. The Edinburgh TV Festival runs a talent scheme called The Network every August, to help people with no TV experience who want to get their foot in the door. Get through the application process and you’ll earn four days of masterclasses, training and networking sessions with top TV makers.

This year The Edinburgh TV Festival is also launching the Test Card Award for a new TV pilot. Test Card is open for submissions now – it’s a fantastic way of getting your show idea watched by TV commissioners and heads of development. Test Card is looking for creative vision and potential, entries won’t be judged on how much it cost to make the pilot. So if you’ve made a show as part of your course, or if you’ve got a brilliant idea and a smartphone, you can put a pilot together. Winners will get passes and accommodation at The Edinburgh TV Festival, as well as a visit to a TV production company specialising in their show’s genre. It’s an opportunity like no other to break into the TV industry.

To find out more, go to  Submissions are open now until Friday 14th July.