Daniel: world's most adventurous name!

Forget Indy, Bear or Ranulph, your good friend ‘Daniel’ is the most adventurous person in the world, according to new analysis of global travel data. 

The study, from global hostel booking platform Hostelworld, analysed booking data from more than 100 different countries and reveals ‘Daniels’, ‘Michaels’ and ‘Davids’ have done the most travelling around the world. These chaps are as likely to be found down their local pub as they are sipping sake in Harajuku or pisco in Peru.

Lara Croft may battle her way across the globe, but her namesakes barely scrape the Top 200. Instead you’ll find ‘Sarahs’ (ranked fourth overall) leading the way followed by ‘Lauras’ (sixth overall) and ‘Jessicas’ (ninth) are close behind.                                            

Marek Mossakowski, from Hostelworld, said: “One of the most exciting things about travelling is the opportunity to meet open-minded people along the way – we were interested to see who it is that’s most passionate about meeting the world and it turns out to be Daniels and Sarahs! Hostels spark the type of social experiences that enable you to make unforgettable memories and have once in a life time experiences, so whatever your name, whoever you are, get out there and meet the world.”

In the UK, James topped the national chart just like his adventurous namesake James Bond. Joining James in the UK list are the very adventurous Hannahs, between them this couple booked 35% more trips than the next adventurous UK pair of Daniel and Emma.

Top 20 most adventurous first names

11.  Anna

12.  Emily

13.  Hannah

14.  Emma

15.  John

16.  Alex

17.  Alexander

18.  Rebecca

19.  Julia

20.  Christopher

1.     Daniel

2.     Michael

3.     David

4.     Sarah

5.     James

6.     Laura

7.     Thomas

8.     Matthew

9.     Jessica

10.  Andrew

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