It pays to explore all the opportunities work experience offers

Krishan Puvvada means business when it comes to choosing his career – and he’s urging others to grab every chance work experience offers.

“When I was studying for my GCSE exams I was certain a career in the legal profession was my goal,” he says.

But realising how competitive it is to get into both a degree and career in law, he knew he needed a competitive advantage. “So I signed up to a one- day course called the ‘Young Lawyer Programme.”

The programme is one of several for those aged 15 to 18, as well as university students, run by InvestIN Education with the aim of giving an insight into a world- class law practice.

The day included sessions with solicitors and barristers from many legal disciplines, hands on activities, as well as employment and university advice. But for Krishan the most valuable part was networking and building relationships with those in the industry.

“What I also learned during the day was the value of these courses. When you start making your path towards your chosen career not many people really understand what the job entails.”

KrishanFTHeadshot-6156Ps copy.jpg

Now knowing that law was not for him, he decided to attend another session, this time dealing with ‘The Young Investment Banker’.

Still searching for his right career, this event led to Krishnan meeting the CEO of the Financial Times (FT), John Ridding. Krishnan introduced himself and his subsequent request to spend some time at the FT was granted.

“I came up with an idea for offering free access to to all schools in the hope my fellow students would take an interest in politics, economics and finance. They liked my idea and the FT website now offers this service in over 1350 UK schools,” he says. And after all these experiences he has some sound advice about the lessons learned.

“Firstly, the best way to really find out whether a career is right for you is by taking the time to gain experience in a practical sense. Through experience my career ambitions changed. I think it’s important to be flexible.”

Secondly he says, in popular professions such as the medical profession, law
and investment banking, you need to gain a competitive advantage by either attending courses like he did and/or securing high quality internships.

He adds: “Never underestimate the importance of networking; it will be these contacts who may be able to help you get the perfect job in the future! And finally, go for it! Take the initiative and create opportunities for yourself!”

Next summer he’ll be taking A Levels and applying for degree courses in philosophy, politics and economics. “I now know this is right for me!” 

Careers, 6th FormEmily Baulf