This student accidentally committed to wearing a Christmas tree costume all term

When Kelsey Hall asked Twitter for 1,000 retweets in exchange for wearing a Christmas tree outfit, she probably wasn’t expecting it to happen.

On Sunday she took to social media in her uncomfortable costume, asking for the hallowed 1,000 retweets. What she got was more than 14,000, meaning she definitely had to keep her part of the bargain – to wear the eye-catching fancy dress to every class for the rest of her university semester.

As  the retweets rolled in, it was clear Kelsey may have been regretting her choice.

However, she kept up her end of the deal, for the first day at least.  She even became a campus celebrity!

Will she continue to wear the stunning outfit until the end of term? Twitter is counting on it.

Come to think of it, maybe this challenge needs to be extended.

UniversityWeb editor