It's #UKCharityWeek!

Christmas is all about giving, and so why not show your support for the #UKCharityWeek. Not only do charities benefit, but it's great to put on the CV.

So... what can you do? We're glad you asked...

We've put together a list of just *some* of the things that you can be doing to help others and to help yourself. Charity work is gold dust for your CV, and you'll feel pretty great afterwards too. 

1. A Bake Sale

Everyone loves a bake sale, and they're a sure-fire way to earn lots of profit for your chosen charity. Ask your dad or your mum to help you out with the recipe if you're not sure.

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2. A Sponsored Silence 

This is harder than it sounds, but a really fun way to raise some cash. Get your friends, parents and teachers to sponsor you to stay silent all day... (or maybe just for an hour or two).

3. A Car Wash

Willing to get your hands dirty? Offering up your car-washing skills to your neighbours and parents (for a small fee, of course) is a great way to earn some money for charity. 

4. An Arm Wrestling Competition

Get your friends to sponsor either you or your opponent and see who they think is going to win. All the money raised will go to your chosen charity! You can even turn this into a tournament to raise some more cash!

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5. A Talent Show

This is a great way to raise some money for your charity, organise the acts, ask your teachers to rent out the school hall for the evening, and charge a few pounds for tickets! 

Crowd-of-Audience-at-during-a-concert-546197492_1256x838 (1)_preview copy.jpg

6. Help out at your local charity shop

Volunteer for a few hours after school at your local charity shop. It's great help for them and great for you to note on the CV. 

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7. Get Active!

When it comes to getting active, there's so much you can do: a sponsored run, a skydive, abseiling, a sponsored swim- the choices are endless! 

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8. A Jumble Sale

Admit it, we've all got a big pile of 'stuff' in our room that we will never use again- but someone else might! Ask everyone you know to donate one thing that they don't want anymore, then invite them to come and buy something new! It's a sure-fire way to raise money for charity.

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9. A Sponsored Litter-Pick

Everyone loves litter-picking, right?! Okay, so this might not seem like the best idea, but get a group of your friends together and it's guaranteed to be a laugh! Plus, you'll be raising money for charity.

volunteers-with-garbage-bags-cleaning-park-area-540095978_5614x3743_preview copy.jpg

These are just a few of the many ways to raise some money for charity; whatever you do, have fun, stay safe and be creative! 












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