How a tweet about Taylor Swift turned into a celebration of remarkable women

When a Twitter user asked the internet to “name a b**ch badder than Taylor Swift”, it’s safe to say the internet answered.

The thread – which quickly became a history lesson on some of the most remarkable women from the past – has received over 8,800 replies.

The supposedly rhetorical question resulted in tributes to women who have demonstrated social resistance, Holocaust survivors and even female pirates.

And here are some of our favourite replies:

There were those who paid homage to warrior queens

Others mentioned World War II Heroes

These users paid tribute to social justice fighters

Not forgetting these bad-ass pirates

These awesome astronauts also made the list

These more modern heroines were mentioned too

Some took the opportunity to tribute some of the powerful women within their own lives

Others even nominated themselves

And of course no bad-ass female list would be complete without Stranger Things’ Eleven

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