16 fun facts that may take a while to sink in

Some facts seem so unlikely that when you hear them it can take a while to sink in.

That’s the kind of information Reddit user jcvks asked his fellow users for, and they responded in style.

Get ready for your head to hurt and to Google some things you never have before, because here are 16 of the most fascinating answers:

1. It took humanity approximately four times longer to switch from copper swords to steel swords than it took to switch from steel swords to nuclear bombs – rahajaba

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2. We are closer to the year 2040 than the year of 1994 – sickparadise

3. If the sun was scaled down to the size of a white blood cell, the Milky Way galaxy would be the size of the continental United States – EZKL_V

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4. Your bones are wet – thisissteve

5. Gwen Stefani is older than Ted Cruz – sinister_kid89

Just in case you can’t recall who these people are. Here is pop singer Gwen Stefani…

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… and here is US Republican politician Ted Cruz.

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6. Anne Frank and Martin Luther King Jr were born in the same year – PopeliusJones

7. Next to the US Army, Disney is the (second) largest buyer and importer of explosives in the USA – ThisIsTheArbour

According to Business Insider, the entertainment company is actually the second biggest consumer of explosive devices in the world behind the US Department of Defence – due to its nightly fireworks displays at its resorts.

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8. Stegosaurus lived 150 million years ago. T Rex lived 65 million years ago. Stegosaurus was more ancient to the T Rex than the T Rex is to us – magecatwitharrows

9. The man who invented the frisbee was cremated and turned into a frisbee – MrMathNerd

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10. The Great Pyramid was built before the last Woolly Mammoth died – therealquiz

11. Pineapples take two years to grow – readitonreddittho

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12. You can place all the planets of our solar system between the Earth and the Moon and even have a bit of spare space left – elkranio

13. The cigarette lighter was actually invented before the match – MrMathNerd

The first lighter was invented in 1823, while the first match came three years later in 1826.

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14. Every person with blue eyes has one common ancestor – Original_name18

15. The overall goal in golf is to play less golf– wdnsho

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16. France was still using the guillotine when the first Star Wars film came out – Zinzzan55

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