Someone’s done an acoustic cover of Man's Not Hot

Possibly the biggest meme of 2017 (so far) came courtesy of British comedian Michael Dapaah, whose Fire In The Booth freestyle as character Roadman Shaq went massively viral.

A short segment from the freestyle spawned at least three memes, and has really raised Dapaah’s profile both at home and overseas.

Two months on and Roadman Shaq has been renamed Big Shaq, and we’ve seen hundreds of creative uses of his freestyle. But none quite like this one.

Amazingly Naim Daniel, who has built up a following with his covers of popular songs, managed to do an acoustic version of Man’s Not Hot.

And despite it feeling very strange at first, by the end it’s actually a bit of a vibe – if you ignore the words.

It goes without saying though that despite the cover being intended as a joke, people had very strong opinions.

Although not everyone felt it was bad.

Dapaah, meanwhile, has recently released Man’s Not Hot as a song, and the single’s video has racked up over 20 million views in a week.

Naim’s cover hasn’t exactly done those numbers, but it was definitely a good song to cover if he was hoping to get noticed.

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