Here’s how brands across the spectrum tried to cash in on the royal engagement

As the royal wedding news sends social media into a frenzy it’s clear people are excited – but none more so than brands trying to capitalise on it.

From venues and dresses to honeymoons and stag dos, it seems that brands with even the most fleeting of connections to royalty and weddings are hoping to align themselves with the royal couple.

Here’s a round-up of some of the more unusual offerings…

Airlines and travel sites really gave it a go.

And jewellers did too.

A few places optimistically plugged their venues.

Although some more optimistically than others it has to be said.

Aldi seemingly wasn’t trying to sell anything in particular.

While others very much knew just how much they could benefit.

Some top plugging there but, apologies Donkey Sanctuary, it’s probably safe to say that one was a bit of a long shot.

LifeWeb editor