Someone made a pretty realistic Star Wars speeder bike for Halloween and rode it around New York

The Star Wars universe is brilliant at making even the most minor characters memorable, and so is rife with potential ideas for Halloween costumes.

With epic locations, vehicles and props too, it’s no wonder people find the films such a rich source for this time of year.

Having said that, it takes something really special to make a Star Wars costume stand out – and, judging by the reactions in this YouTube video, Jesse Wellens managed to do just that.

Jesse and fellow YouTuber Casey Neistat had an electric motorbike customised, padded out with foam and decorated, before testing it out on the streets of New York.

Passers-by seemed to enjoy the novelty of seeing a speeder bike in real life, whether it was kids or adults, and it definitely looked like a lot of fun to drive – minus whatever happened with Casey at the end.

It’s not the first time Jesse has pulled off a prank in New York on Halloween – last year he chose to be the Silver Surfer.

He’s definitely setting the bar high for 2018.

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