An artist has mown Kim Jong Un’s face into a 20,000 square metre field

An artist in Italy has transformed a field into a portrait of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Dario Gambarin used a tractor to carve Kim’s face into the 20,000 square metre field near Verona.

This isn’t the first time Gambarin has embarked on such a project.

Other world leaders including US presidents Barack Obama and Donald Trump and Russian leader Vladimir Putin have also been carved into the fields in northern Italy.

Gambarin has also used his tractor to emulate famous artistic works of Pablo Picasso, Edvard Munch and even Walt Disney.

The Italian’s tractor artwork also often comes with a message, for example for Obama the words “The Home is in the Land” were written by his face.

For Gambarin’s latest piece the word “Danger” reads under Kim’s bust, with two missiles hovering over his head.

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