Lecturers tell Brexit-curious MP to pay tuition fee if he wants course notes

Lecturers have hit out after a Tory MP wrote to universities asking for names of professors teaching about Brexit and requesting links to their courses.

The letter from Chris Heaton-Harris, a Conservative whip and Leave campaigner, has prompted a backlash from those teaching.

Many jokingly invited Heaton-Harris to join their class providing he paid the tuition fee like all the other students.

Others poked fun at the MP’s request.

James Chalmers, Regius Professor of Law at the University of Glasgow, suggested “a petition to make @chhcalling attend all these lectures once he has the list” before adding “he’s not actually going to get a list”.

Professor Michael Smith from Aberdeen University was one of many calling for transparency on Brexit, by way of an exchange for his lecture notes.

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