Fire service is shutting down people who question its #firefightingsexism campaign

Firefighters might be familiar with tackling flames but London Fire Brigade is now taking on sexism – and is shutting down people who stand in its way.

The service wants to get rid of the term “fireman” from people’s everyday language and has even written to the producers of children’s TV show Fireman Sam to request an update to Firefighter Sam.

But some people on Twitter refuse to see using “fireman” as a problem and have criticised the service for its #firefightingsexism campaign.

And the service isn’t having any of it.

When people asked if their campaign meant Superman, Spider-Man, and He-Man needed new names they clapped back.

When someone joked about the apparently non-existent ‘man of the year’ awards, they got schooled

When someone defended Fireman Sam as just a “kids cartoon”, London Fire Brigade stepped up.

It even pointed out just how outdated it was to use the term fireman, comparing it to saying “Marathon” for the chocolate bar “Snickers”, and “first division” for the “Premier League”.

Many male firefighters are sharing just how long they’ve been “firefighters” to hammer home the message that “fireman” is outmoded.

And it seems the campaign is working for some people who just needed a nudge in the right direction.

London Fire Commissioner Dany Cotton started the campaign as part of a drive to get more women to become firefighters. She asked people to not use the phrase “fireman” on social media.

LifeWeb editor