An Apprenticeship changed Johnny's life

Personal trainer, Johnny Stokes from Newbury in Berkshire says never under estimate apprenticeships. 

The 24 year old left school after his GCSEs and signed up for a personal training apprenticeship and never looked back.  

“I wanted to get out in to the real world and start earning money and building a reputation,” said Johnny, who now runs his own business, JWS Fitness and Wellbeing.

Whilst studying for his exams he was working in a leisure centre. “I loved every minute of it! Learning from other personal trainers and taking the ideas and implementing them into my work,” he said.  

For the last three years Johnny has been running his own business. As well as being a personal trainer he runs classes such as Boxercise, Bootcamps, Yoga, Pilates and HIIT. He also works for Macmillan Cancer charity as an exercise rehabilitation specialist and is also a mental health exercise specialist. 

“Work is very busy but my motto, "PMA" (Positive Mental Attitude) has helped me massively whilst building my business. I really believe if you work hard your rewards will appear.”

Johnny’s advice for anyone thinking of taking up an apprenticeship is go for it and work hard. “I was on £2.50 an hour when I first started working in a gym but I knew I had to look at the bigger picture and think ahead. 

Johnny Stokes 2.jpg

"Be passionate about what you do and don't let anyone else tell you differently.”

“I am now earning up to £80.00 an hour. Positive Mental Attitude and determination are two massive factors I used to achieve where I am now. Look online, build contacts, ask around and get stuck in to whatever industry you want to work in. Be passionate about what you do and don't let anyone else tell you differently.”