Three reasons to consider a career in chemical engineering

Rebecca Ball is currently on a student placement at Chemoxy, one of the largest contract manufacturers in Europe. We get some insider info...

It's never easy to choose which path you would like to go down with your career. With so many options available to you, it can be difficult to commit to one. But, if you enjoy maths, science, and learning about how the world works, chemical engineering could be a great choice for you.

Here, I'll talk you through some of the reasons I decided this was an area I wanted to work in, and explain why you might consider taking a similar route. 

There are plenty of job opportunities

A lot of science, technology, engineering, and maths (STEM) industries are struggling with the UK's current skills shortage, according to a report released by the British government. As a result, the chemical engineering sector is in desperate need of more workers, and that means there are lots of vacancies just waiting to be filled by hardworking young people who are looking to take the first step in their careers.

As there is such a high demand for chemical engineers, starting salaries are usually very competitive. And, if you're fully committed to developing your skillset, you could find yourself progressing up the career ladder quite quickly. If you're looking to work within an industry that offers plenty of job opportunities with lots of room for progression, chemical engineering is a great choice.

There are lots of routes you can go down

Chemical engineers play a key role in lots of different industries. This means that there are many ways in which you can pursue this kind of career. For example, after training or studying for your degree, you could go on to work in analytical chemistry, manufacturing, or even mining.

Because you'll develop such a versatile skillset as a chemical engineer, it gives you plenty of freedom to choose a job in a field you're passionate about. So, if you would like to pursue a career that you can truly mould to suit your interests, becoming a chemical engineer could be a great way to do this.

The future of the industry is very bright

While there is already a high demand for alternative energy sources, new medicines and the like, this is only going to increase in the coming years. It's a very exciting time in the chemical engineering industry — changes are happening across the globe, and ground-breaking projects are being worked on all of the time. If you're interested in working within an exciting industry that truly has the power to change and improve the way that the world works, studying chemical engineering could lead you on the right path.

I'm very excited to be pursuing a career in chemical engineering, and would recommend it to anyone who is interested in science, maths, and the intricacies of how things work. It gives you a whole host of career opportunities, and is incredibly rewarding. 

CareersWeb editor