It's Chocolate Week!

In celebration of Chocolate Week (yes, it's a thing), we've scoured the earth for 5 of the weirdest facts about chocolate that we bet you didn't know about.


1.   Our beloved chocolate chip cookies were… (gulp) an accident

Back in the 1930s, a woman called Ruth Wakefield was baking some cookies and realised that she was out of cocoa powder. So, she mixed in chunks of Nestle chocolate, expecting them to be absorbed into the cookie and create chocolate cookies. Much to her surprise, they did not absorb into the cookie and Wakefield found herself having accidentally invented the chocolate chip cookie! She then sold her discovery to Nestle in exchange for a lifetime’s supply of chocolate! (We would’ve done the same, Ruth.)

2.     Not to be a Debbie downer, but you can die if you eat too much chocolate.

Chocolate contains scarily high levels of ‘theobromine’ (this is the compound that makes chocolate poisonous to dogs). Theobromine poisoning is known to cause dehydration, acute kidney damage, seizures, and heart failure. For it to be fatal, you’d have to munch your way through about 10kg in a very short space of time, with the stomach development of a 10-year-old child. So, you’re probably safe. 

3.     Chocolate can do crazy things to people.

In London, 2004, 70% of people claimed that they would reveal their passwords in return for a chocolate bar- would you give away your Snapchat password for a Twix? We’re not so sure.

4.     The very first chocolate bar was made here, in the UK!

If recent events in our country made you doubt your patriotism, just think about the fact that the Cadbury company made the very first chocolate bar, in the UK, all the way back in 1842. Cadbury’s also made the most valuable chocolate bar, the one that Captain Robert Scott took along with him on the first Discovery Expedition to the Antarctic. This was sold for $687 in 2001.

5.     Chocolate is literally chemical happiness… but you probably already knew that.

The chemical tryptophan, which is found in chocolate and also turkey (?!), increases the amount of endorphins (happy hormones) in our brain. This leads to heightened states of euphoria. So, if you’re feeling down, have a munch on some M&Ms and you’ll probably feel a lot better- science said so. 

Emily Baulf