Click to read digital edition!

Click to read digital edition!

About Future...

Life’s tricky enough being a teenager, right? So many choices and decisions to be made - and that’s just what to wear today! We’ve been there and done it so we know the feelings…

'Future' website and magazine is here to help, inform and guide (and hopefully amuse) you through this exciting but sometimes daunting phase of your life. 

'Future' packs in the best information and advice on careers, lifestyle, education, health, fashion and more, all in one (lovely, smart, clever) website and you can also pick up 'Future' magazine (published five times a year) at your school or college for FREE.

We would love you to comment or contribute - after all life is always better and much more fun if we face the 'Future' together!   


We are actively seeking advertisers to help support this project.  We have a range of options and at this point two different editions of the magazine. Please download the media pack for the national edition - this goes from Cornwall to Northumberland with a circulation of 60,000 minimum - guaranteed to go directly to 14-19s via their schools - we're only sending magazines to schools who have requested Future and have agreed to do this - please contact

We also have an edition just for Cornwall; all secondary schools in Cornwall have agreed to distribute Future straight to their students aged 14-19, that's 10,000 copies. If you're interested in advertising in Cornwall only,  please email and she'll email you a ratecard.

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Have a look at our coverage book  we've been mentioned in the: The Sun (Snapchat Channel), Daily Mirror, Daily Star, Sky News, iPaper, ITV and more...